Do you have questions about our Smart Cities initiative, projects or are you looking for more information? Here you find the answers.

What is a Smart City in the context of the Climate and Energy Fund?

A smart city uses in the sense of the Smart Cities Initiative the concept of sustainability and therefore counteracts negative climate change impacts, pushes the energy transition and makes use of innovative public participation models. Within this programme, calls are launched once a year with a defined focus. Due to the variety of topics, different project partners are involved to submit their innovative ideas. Targets of the Smart Cities Initiative include the demonstration of a broad range of sustainable innovations in the field of climate change, energy transition or mobility.

What is the Climate and Energy Fund’s Initiative on Smart Cities?

The Smart Cities Initiative launches and supports innovative city projects that are focused on demonstration. Communities and cities in Austria are important partners for the transformation of energy systems on behalf of climate protection. The Smart Cities Initiative is a contribution to the Austrian government’s climate and energy strategy and supports the Austrian communities and their citizens to participate actively in the energy system. The initiative is supported financially by the Austrian Government. Due to that only Austrian partners are eligible for funding.

What are the goals of the Smart Cities Initiative?

  • To support the Austrian cities and communities on their way to a “zero emission city“
  • To establish and push on urban energy transformation in Austrian cities and communities as holistic process
  • To provide know-how on Smart Cities for learning processes of city actors and enhance capacities in city and municipal governments

Where can I find more information about past or current Smart Cities projects?

Information about ongoing or already implemented projects can be found in our list of projects.

Which topics are adressed in the Programme “Smart Cities Demo – Living Urban Innovation”?

Beginning in 2018 a five-year perspective for integrative system – comprehensive topics was developed, considering the embedment in regional context in the following six action fields:

  • Energy supply & energy use
  • Building stock & new construction
  • The exchange of goods and services
  • City ecology & climate – change adaptions
  • Settlement structure & mobility
  • Communication & networking

What are the target groups of the Smart Cities Programme?

Within our Smart Cities calls, multiple actors of an Austrian city who collaborate as partners are targeted. Please note that only Austrian organisations / companies can participate in our Programme. Partners can be:

  • Cities and municipalities
  • Companies
  • Research institutions
  • Consumers
  • Citizens‘ representations
  • NGOs
  • etc.

How can I contribute to the topic of Smart Cities without participation in a project?

The Climate and Energy Fund offers different climate-relevant activities which include:

Smart City Award

Smart City Hopping


Where can I find information about the topics climate change, energy transition and mobility change in Austria?

What is currently happening in Europe around the topic Smart Cities?

In the tab „Europe“ information about European initiatives in the field of smart cities can be found.