'- Evaluation of the Sectors Energy, Mobility an Social Affairs two years after Occupation


The Sonnengarten Limberg in Zell am See is the most ambitious housing project of the city of Zell am See in recent years. In this project, a total of 77 subsidized rental apartments and 61 eligible condominiums as well as a kindergarten, a supermarket and a doctor's office were built between 2017 and 2019. In the necessary noise protection wall, a youth music room, a radio station room, a workshop and storage rooms were implemented. Furthermore, 41 freely financed condominiums will be built. The project team (consisting of the developer Habitat Wohnbau GmbH, the newly founded Limberggarten GmbH, the municipality of Zell am See, the Salzburg Institute for Spatial Planning & Housing and the sociologist Sarah Untner) has set the goal of a klima aktiv gold-certified, sustainable residential complex, alternative forms of mobility are to be promoted (bicycle, car sharing), joint activities in the common room, the workshop and the settlement garden are supported by a housing coordinator and the differentiated freedom designed to create a diverse offer for the residents. Whether the goals of energy saving, car-poor housing, well-groomed communities and happy residents have been achieved will now be reviewed in a two-year monitoring process. A technical monitoring is carried out in which the data on energy consumption (heat and electricity), the electricity yield from the PV system, the water consumption and waste are recorded and evaluated. A traffic count of the access road, as well as the bike path and an evaluation of the car sharing helps to make statements on the achievement of the mobility goals. By means of a resident survey the satisfaction of the users with the housing estate and the offers is raised. For this purpose, the study design of the "Wish & Reality - Satisfaction Survey" well established in Salzburg is used and adapted and supplemented in some questions. This makes it possible to estimate the subjective satisfaction and assessment of the residents, but

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