Mobility and Smart Working Technology Bruck an der Mur

The exploratory M -SWITCH project develops an integrated smart city concept with innovative solutions and technologies in the fields of mobility, information, communication and energy. Testbed for the urban laboratory approach is the railway station district of Bruck an der Mur, which has had various different relationships with the city and the region where in the future about 1000 new jobs will be created.

The town of Bruck an der Mur with its 12,900 inhabitants, is the district capital in the industrial conurbation Mur-/Mürztal and, as the center of the Upper Styrian urban region, simultaneously one of the most central transport hubs in Austria, located at the TEN (Trans-European Networks) corridor. Based on the results of the stakeholder process (Smart Cities fit4set 1, 2011), a vision 2050 arose with a strong emphasis on quality of life, work, food and mobility with reduced CO2 emissions, a roadmap and an action plan for a smart city of Bruck on der Mur. In MSWITCH, the urban railway district with its many diverse users becomes a central element of the action plan for the area of this study. Currently, the Bruck train station (a 10 -minute walk to downtown) is being modified and expanded by the ÖBB (government-owned railway). The aim of M-SWITCH for the entire area of the railway district Bruck, which boasts large companies such as Norske Skog and Voest Alpine Austria, is this: to achieve, with the involvement of all users, a systemic networking of innovative mobility (individual) solutions with new mobility offers, to explore the moving in of new businesses and to achieve significant CO2 savings. It involves the best possible integration of all vehicles in the transport system (trains, buses, electric cars, e -bikes, city bikes, etc.) as well as car-sharing and ride-sharing offers and the exploration of new information, booking, and payment systems and business models that employees and potential new tenants (about 1000 new jobs ) can use in this district. In M-SWITCH Bruck, project participants include research partners AIT, University of Leoben and verkehrsplus as well as public transportation partners ÖBB infrastructure and MVG, and, in addition, two large corporations, VOEST and Norske Skog. Also participating are Stadtwerke Bruck (municipal energy supplier) and the city of Bruck an der Mur.

With regard to the railway district Bruck as a testbed, all partners and stakeholders take part in the development of key mobility packages as business models, mobility management on a cross-company basis, and mobility2grid solutions. They accomplish this by participating in a moderated, discursive city-laboratory process within a series of workshops. The purpose of this integrative approach for technical mobility and ICT solutions and of the interviews of employees/users is the coordination of individual mobility needs with an optimized transport system adapted to the local and regional context. With the help of the multi-modal transport model, the accessibility of potential locations can be compared, whereby the different modes of transportation and the temporal variability of transport services and transport demands are taken into account. The summative evaluation assesses the CO2 effectiveness of the proposed measures.

Based on interviews, modeling and the city-laboratory process, integrated scenarios on mobility trends and impact projections are calculated and mobility2grid solutions, smart working business models for innovative mobility solutions and technologies are developed, and a profile survey for the location of the railway district for current and potential future business users is created. The results of the individual project steps are finally summarized in a project guide and made available for subsequent demonstration projects.

Project data – Exploration project of the 3rd Call 2012
Project start: 11/01/2013
Project end: 11/30/2014
Approved funding: € 171.500,–
Total project costs: € 330.898,–


Montanuniversität Leoben Technologietransferzentrum Außeninstitut (Consortial leader)
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH
Norske Skog Bruck GmbH
ÖBB-Infrastruktur Aktiengesellschaft
Mürztaler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Verkehrplus – Prognose, Planung und Strategieberatung GmbH
Stadtwerke Bruck an der Mur GmbH
Stadtgemeinde Bruck an der Mur


Project lead

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Harald Raupenstrauch
Leoben University of Mining and Metallurgy – Chair for Thermal Process Technology

Tel: +43(0)3842 402-5800