I live Graz Vision

The goal of the I LIVE GRAZ project was to work out the vision and strategic foundations for the Smart City Graz, to define appropriate actions and to initiate first steps.

Initial situation

Due to its shielded basin position, Graz is climatically disadvantaged in the winter because of the severe air exchange during temperature inversions. Action is necessary, particularly because of the carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions.


By 2020, Graz will have established itself as a smart city with a high quality of urban life quality and as an internationally acclaimed innovations, technology and service center. It is ranked in the top 10 among Europe’s medium-sized cities.

By 2050, Graz will be a dynamic city with a compact construction and urban mixed-use development, with attractive public spaces and the highest quality of life. Through the consistent pursuit of Smart City strategies and wider raising of awareness, resource and energy consumption and the subsequent pollutant emissions have been considerably reduced and decisive steps towards a zero-emissions city have been made. The energy required in Graz is produced 100% in the region and from renewable energy sources. As a research, training and business location, Graz is the international benchmark for value through innovative urban technologies and systems.


The I LIVE GRAZ project has led to new approaches because of its interdisciplinary project work and its development of the Smart City Graz strategy. This forms the basis for the smart and comprehensive sustainable urban development of Graz. The action plans from this project form the basis for further work. In the target area of Graz Mitte, the implementation of Smart City demonstration projects will bring more innovative urban technologies and systems for application and thus initiate the development of the entire district toward a smart sustainable city district.

Project results


Project lead

DI Kai-Uwe Hoffer
Municipal Office Graz – Urban Development Directorate

Tel: +43(0)316 872-3503