GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GMBH


Ansprechperson: Herr Dr. Serguei Golovanov
Adresse: Hausfedlstr. 22/1/7
1220 Vienna
Telefon: +4369919473508
E-Mail: info@golem.at


Kommunikation und Information, System 'Stadt' und System 'urbane Region'

Wir bieten:

Smart City Monitor ICT platform for digital transformation and knowledge management for urban stakeholders (administration, service providers, businesses, citizens and tourists). It uses IoT infrastructure of the information society for monitoring, analyzing, planning in order to cope with accelerating change and complexity of urban processes. The applications in industries, energy, environment, economy, etc support international standards for sustainable development, smart governance, smart connected assets and its Preemptive/Predictive maintenance/Condition monitoring, Circular Economy, eLearning.

Wir suchen:

- Coordinators of urban development projects financed by ESIFs, EIB, EBRD, Horizon 2020, ENSUF, Eureka and others - Innovative municipalities interested in prototyping new integrated vision of their Smart Future Cites - Municipality Consultants - Urban Service Providers (telecom, energy, waste, water, transportation, buildings-BIMs, etc) - Living Lab Experiments - Smart Urban Future learning

Unsere Vorstellungen zu smart energy:

Distributed supply and demand from combinations of energy sources incl. renewables, individual management and controls while enabling integrated vision based on digital transformation of big data streams from smart grids, IoT and open data sources into information services, analytics, Preemptive/Predictive maintenance/Condition monitoring.

Über uns:

GOLEM IMS GMBH (http://golem.at) is principal developer of the novel prototype ICT enabling digital transformation of big data streams for customized information services and controls in smart urban communities. The sample urban models of Smart City accordingly to ISO 37120 running real time online are available at http://win2biz.com