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Smart City 360˚ Summit

29.11.2017 - 01.08.2017 | Helsinki | Finland

The 3rd annual Smart City 360˚Summit is the first Nordic Smart Cities event that will address multidisciplinary scientific collaboration to solve complex societal, technological and economic problems of Smart Cities, regions and large infrastructures.

This first event will create a lasting platform for an exchange of experiences and best practices between international Smart City innovation programs – development strategies and initiatives with the participation of the global research community. Its aim is to identify areas of common interests for future implementations and partnerships.

Northern European countries are widely recognized as global leaders in ICT and social innovation. They share common values, high living standards and openness but, with a strong ethical focus on environmental and social sustainability. Nordic countries have among the highest educated people in the world with a strong scientific base providing a solid foundation for a knowledge and innovation-based economy. The Summit will open thought provoking dialog helping to consolidate Smart Cities innovation efforts, sharing experiences and delivering new partnerships and projects. It will support multidisciplinary dialog by discussing how societal values of Nordic countries could be translated into Smart Cities policies and implementation strategies based on multidisciplinary scientific cooperation and citizens participation. The Smart Cities public services, sustainability and resilience, large infrastructures, environment and transport systems, ICT are among the key topics of the summit.

The Summit goes beyond discussion, an exchange of experiences, views and best practices. The agenda will include sessions: proven initiatives, innovation and collaboration.

Further information: http://smartcity360.org/2017/

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