Realising Villach’s Smart City Vision – Step I

Villach’s engagement for renewable energy and energy efficiency within the last years can be seen as exemplary. In order to proactively tackle future challenges, Villach developed the vision to become a smart city. In a sequence of stakeholder workshops, strategy documents (Vision 2050, Roadmap 2020+) and concrete implementation measures (Actionplan) have been developed.

Contents and objectives

“VIsion Step I” is regarded as a first step towards the implementation of the long-term smart-city-vision of Villach. The goal of the project is to develop and implement an integrated smart-city-concept in one of Villach’s city districts, which increases energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy as well as the local quality of life.


Central to the technological concept is the upgrade of the existing power grid to a smart grid, including the roll-out of smart metering and smart transformer devices within the test area “DEMOsite”. The implementation of smart metering, supplemented with dedicated sensors, yielded the necessary data to enable load flow analysis and grid modelling. The results have been used to design the grid control system.

Within the “Energy Labs” at FH-Kärnten, a new electrotechnical research facility (“Experimental Testbed”) has been set up for practical evaluation of storage-augmented smart low-voltage grid installations under controlled real-world conditions (including batteries and PV).

New business and financing concepts, which have been developed and implemented within the project, provide citizens the opportunity to invest in regional energy projects and foster the installation of renewable energy systems.

The online-platform „Das Energie Genie“ is a “social network for energy savers”, which enhances the smart citizen’s active participation, by offering comprehendible information on individual energy consumption and enabling the citizens to interact with the community.

LIVING Lab Villach engaged end-users to reduce their energy consumption by changing individual behaviour. Bringing together citizens and experts, LIVING Lab Villach provides the opportunity to exchange technological knowledge and user experiences, facilitating new insights on both sides.


The social and technological solutions, which have been developed and tested in this project, contribute to the achievement of climate-, energy- and sustainability targets: Smart Grids enable enhancing the existing generation power mix with an increasing share of renewable, environmentally friendly energy production. New business and financing models foster the implementation of renewable energy systems and the developed participation concepts help to raise awareness and foster sustainable lifestyles.

Outlook/suggestions for future research

The social and technological innovations of this project have been successfully tested in Villach on a small scale and can now be rolled out and implemented on larger scales.

The City of Villach plans to continue its way to become a Smart City. In the current project, the smart city strategy of Villach has been updated. Further smart city projects are in planning.

Project data – Implementation Project of the 2nd Call 2011
Project start: 01.09.2012
Project end: 31.10.2015
Approved funding research part: € 1.932.300,–
Approved funding invested part: € 216.000,–
Paid out funding research part: € 1.826.729,–
Paid out funidng invested part: no application presented, project was cancelled
Stadtgemeinde Villach (Lead)
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Österreich
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG
Fachhochschule Kärnten – gemeinnützige Privatstiftung
Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Ressourcen Management Agentur, Initiative zur Erforschung einer umweltverträglichen nachhaltigen Ressourcenbewirtschaftung (RMA)
EQOS Energie Österreich GmbH
KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH
PwC Advisory Services GmbH


Project lead

Mag.a Sabine Domenig
Municipality of Villach

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Mobile: +43(0)664 52 97 937