The subsequent TRANSFORM+ project facilitates and deepens the Austrian research field in the scope of the FP7 project TRANSFORM through a concrete comprehensive Smart City development concept, through the content-rich and organizational configuration of the Smart City stakeholder processes at the city level, as well as concrete data-analysis and planning projects in 2 urban sectors, so-called “Smart Urban Labs” (Liesing and aspern_Seestadt). Here, sound decisions for a location-specific optimized smart energy system shall be made and implemented by a medium-term, concrete implementation plan. Two pilot applications, the so-called “Smart Citizen Assistant” and an “e-delivery” project will be implemented in the two smart urban labs under TRANSFORM. In order to make all of the results from TRANSFORM and TRANS-FORM+ widely available and applicable to other Austrian cities, the preparations and communication of these results are included in the scope of the project.

The Research Projekt Transform+ is providing sustainable urban solutions for climate protection and CO2 reduction, and bringing Vienna closer to a low carbon city. An
essential focus is on energy consumption and production as well as distribution. Transform+ supports Vienna’s roadmap to a Smart City, which involves intelligent
mobility services, a sustainable energy system and efficient and liveable urban design and buildings.

The project is enabling as well as supporting the work done in the European FP7 project TRANSFORM. This includes concrete and comprehensive concepts for development towards a Smart (Energy) City. In TRANSFORM six European cities (Vienna and Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Genoa, Lyon) are working on city-wide as well as city-quarter level (“Smart Urban Labs”) strategies and implementation plans. The shared experiences are summarised by the cities and their scientific and industrial partners. The so called „local environment“, which includes cities, stakeholder and local partner (f.e. energy provider) is organised in a joint working process in Transform+ to get the local results needed for the TRANSFORM and European level, and use this experiences for Vienna in return.

In Transform+ the following task will be done:

  • Working out a Smart City Strategy for Vienna, which will be the next step after strategy documents from a former Austrian Climate and Energy Fund project, and creating a “Transformation Agenda” in exchange with the other cities.
  • Conception, organisation and documentation of the ongoing stakeholder process. Here the actual results are exchanged with different stakeholders, to share practical knowhow and experiences.
  • Setup of a Viennese database to use energy relevant data for the „decision support environment“, a tool that helps with decisions on energy systems, strategies and investments.
  • Creating implementation plans for two specific areas, so called „Smart Urban Labs“, Liesing and seestadt_aspern in Vienna. This includes local energy systems, key projects, and measures. The development of new business models and finance strategies for the areas is another task. The aims are profound decisions for smart energy systems in the development zones.
  • The implementation in the „Smart Urban Labs” will be carried on with two innovative measures, a „Smart Citizen Assistant“(communication tool for citizens) and an edelivery project (car sharing with e-cars for companies).
  • Collection of the cities strategy approaches and dissemination of the results for other Austrian cities.

The fulfilled tasks in TRANSFORM and Transform+ with their connected and integrated results will be a crucial input for the further development of Vienna becoming a low carbon city. Vienna’s experiences from existing approaches and the interaction with other leading European cities is a big chance. This will provide a most relevant support for working on the Transformation Agenda(s), raising the dynamic of stakeholder processes and pushing the quality of implementation plan for Liesing and  seestadt_aspern. The project Transform+ enables the positioning of Vienna and Austria as forerunning actors in the global Smart City developments.

Project data – Implementation project of the 3rd Call 2012
Project start: 01/01/2013
Project: 02/29/2016
Approved funding: € 1.300.000–
Total project costs: € 1.900.000,–
ÖIR GmbH (Consortium leader)
Magistratsabteilung 18 Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung
Magistratsabteilung 21 B Stadtteilplanung und Flächennutzung Süd-Nordost (Bezirke 10 -13 und 21-23) Magistratsabteilung 21 A Stadtteilplanung und Flächennutzung Innen-West  (Bezirke 1-9 und 14-20)
Magistratsabteilung 20 – Energieplanung
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Österreich
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
ETA Umweltmanagement und Technologiebewertung Gmb
ENERGIECOMFORT Energie- und  Gebäudemanagement GmbH
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien – Institut für Transportwirtschaft und Logistik
wien 3420 Aspern Development AG
Technische Universität Wien – Institut für Verkehrswissenschaften
Neue Urbane Mobilität Wien GmbH

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DIin Ina Homeier
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DI Christof Schremmer, M.C.P.
Austrian Institute of Spatial Planning (OIR)

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