Smart Mürz

This project develops the strategic framework for a future Smart City Demo project for the agglomeration of small towns/municipalities in the Upper Mürz Valley in the province of Styria. With the production of potential analysis that covers all existing systems and sectors and the development of an integrated vision including strategic planning schemes an urban character shall be created and the attractiveness of this agglomeration shall be enhanced. On this basis short, middle and long-term measures will be defined in a roadmap and all the actions that have to be taken to implement the developed vision will be summarized in an action plan.

Project data – Exploration project of the 4th Call 2013
Project start: 07/01/2014
Project end: 06/30/2015
Approved funding: € 96.214,–
Total project costs: € 53.600,–
StadtLABOR Graz – Innovationen für urbane Lebensqualität (Consortial leader)
Technische Universität Graz – Institut für Städtebau
Regionaler Entwicklungsverband Mürzzuschlag (Regionalverband Mürz)
DI Daniel Kampus


Project lead

Maga Barbara Hammerl

Tel: +43(0)316 228946