Smart Mainstreaming – Demonstration of the practical suitability of a participative planning paradigm for standard residential construction


From the developers' point of view, the focus in residential housing construction is on the maximum possible exploitation of building densities, cost efficiency targets and rapid planning and construction periods. The purchase of land is followed by the planning and implementation phase. The target group of residents is defined on the basis of market analyses. After completion of the planning and implementation phase, sales are started. A participative approach in the sense of Smart City goals or in the sense of innovations for ecologically and socially sustainable coexistence is usually not the focus of project developments. As a rule, it is not possible to help shape or develop housing typologies in line with requirements. By contrast, assembly projects place very high demands on participative planning and construction; however such projects have so far only been reserved for a relatively small group of users. The aim of Smart Mainstreaming is to demonstrate the practical suitability of a participative planning paradigm and the development of complementary innovative sales strategies for standard residential construction in an innovative process. Future residents will be won over at an early stage for a demand-oriented development in the rental and property sector. Aspects of affordability with regard to material use, energy supply, building technology and self-construction stages are integrated into the planning process. Energy sufficiency will be implemented using the example of the jointly planned residential project and the overriding goal of holistic CO2 reduction will be achieved. The visible result is a pilot residential building which goes far beyond the "state of the art" in standard residential building. On the basis of an accompanying evaluation and profitability analysis, a guideline for participatory development, planning and implementation will be drawn up. This will make it possible to multiply the learning experiences for future projects.

Projektdaten – Umsetzungsprojekt im 11 Call

Project start 02.01.2020
Project end 01.07.2022
Approved overall cost € 480.024


WEGRAZ Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung und Assanierung m.b.H (consortium manager)
StadtLABOR Innovationen für urbane Lebensqualität GmbH
Schwarz Platzer ZT GmbH
AEE – INTEC Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien (AEE – INTEC)


Project lead