Energy Monitoring and intelligent System Controll at Smart AirportCity

An integrative energy monitoring and proactive, intelligent system control approach with user involvement and covering the energy supply infrastructure and buildings is implemented in the urban/commercial district Vienna Airport. This should reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and loads on infrastructure in the overall energy-buildings-user system.

Last edited on 08/14/2019

Projektdaten – Umsetzungsprojekt im 9 Call

Project start 01.02.2018
Project end 31.01.2020
Approved funding € 363.456
Approved overall cost € 779.110


Denkstatt GmbH (consortium manager)
Flughafen Wien AG
denkstatt & enertec GmbH
msg systems GmbH
Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Hochbau und Technologie

Project results


Project lead Mag. (FH) Andreas Lindinger Denkstatt GmbH +43 (0) 664 8118002 E-Mail