€CO2 City Klagenfurt

Reduction of GHG emissions by 2020 to 50% in selected areas and by 90% by 2050 throughout Klagenfurt. To this end, a smart meter is to be developed into an €CO2 Manager as the interface between consumers and smart grid, which will provide information about energy and water consumption and mobility activities and calculate emissions. CO2 is to be reduced by infrastructure measures.

Initial situation

The Carinthian capital Klagenfurt currently has 94,000 inhabitants living in an area of 120 km within the city limits.

The goal

By 2020 the city of Klagenfurt intends to reduce 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in several selected areas of Klagenfurt and by 2050 90% of emissions in the whole city.

The way

The central component is the development of a smart meter into an “€CO2 manager.” This is an interface between the consumer and the smart grid, which provides information on energy and water consumption and also on mobility activities of the customers and calculates the greenhouse gas emissions.

The area of focus: mobility

Two park & ride systems, traffic light priority control, two new bus lanes in the city center and also discounted monthly tickets for citizens of Klagenfurt (26 instead of 39 euros) and expansion of the short-term parking zones all aim to make public transport more attractive. The switch to EEV city buses and setting up an infrastructure for electric cars are measures currently being implemented.

Project results


Project lead

Dr. Wolfgang Hafner
Municipality of Klagenfurt

Tel: +43(0)463 537 48 85