Città Slow Hartberg

The superior vision of the city was inspired by the “CITTÀ SLOW” cultural trend which, among other things, was designed to address issues such as environmental protection and a heightened quality of life, wherein self-sufficiency has been achieved in various aspects. Based upon this città slow vision several measures were put in place regarding C02 neutrality based upon regional resources through intelligent solutions in the city and its surroundings, with consideration given to all of its residents.

Initial Situation

The characteristics of Hartberg, the Upper Austrian district capital, are comparable to hundreds of small towns all throughout Europe. The city center is located in the historic part of town. Hartberg shows good growth with harmonious urban transitions to the neighboring parts of the city. Industrial zones, shopping centers and residential areas are located at the edge of the city. The city has comparatively many green zones and recreational areas in the vicinity. For decades Hartberg has taken measures to ensure climate protection and has been striving to attain CO2 neutrality, among other things, in the process.

Vision developed

Hartberg’s vision for 2020 is guided by the local- and city development concept, as well as the “città slow” philosophy.
Beyond these efforts, a comprehensive participation process was developed by including the residents, experts and politicians to develop a vision for Hartberg for the year 2050: in 2050 Hartberg’s population will be connected by a life-style aimed at sustainability, innovative economic management and a high quality of life; its residents are indeed at the center of the action. The city attracts sustainably managed businesses in the areas of human technology, renewable energy and environmental technology, sports or nutrition. Traditional operations in areas of skilled crafts and trades, commerce, logistics and the service industry enjoy high social standing and continue to represent the basic life blood of the city. The use of state-of-the art technologies and focus on innovation and research in the environmental- and energy sector support a positively sustainable urban development. Hartberg offers  its residents a healthy, ecologically intact, green living environment and places great value on caring for plants and animals present in the environment. Hartberg represents a well grounded, tolerant and highly developed modern center in the Eastern Steiermark region, and has made a valuable contribution to the heightened quality of life of the regional population.

Erarbeiteter Maßnahmenplan

  • Development of a real-time urban information system for improved inclusion and information of its residents, particularly with regard to environment, air- and climate data
  • Realization of a transitional, overall building energy management system for residential and office use in new structures as well as the preservation of sites of historic interest
  • Various intelligent systematic incentives designed to establish sustainable urban mobility, including car-sharing


The planned measures were the beginning of a comprehensive sustainable urban development plan. By unanimous decision the Hartberg municipal council has committed to supporting and enforcing these planned measures over the long term.


Hartberg in den Medien 2012

Project results


Project lead

DI (FH) Anton Schuller
Municipality of Hartberg

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