BONUS Making the most of building stock – saving the environment


The question of future energy-efficient creation of living space is becoming more and more important in many cities due to limited space availability and simultaneously increasing settlement pressure. Cities are therefore focusing on internal development and densification. Single and two-family houses offer large potential for sustainable densification, but are mostly privately owned, which requires direct addressing and convincing of the owners. Since there is no such offer in the previous consulting landscape, the pre-project BONSEI! has developed a corresponding consulting service. An essential aspect in the intensified implementation of post-consolidation measures is the preservation of the quality of life for the residents. In the project, a comprehensive database including criteria, concrete measures, and their interconnections, both at building and neighbourhood level, that have an influence on resource-efficient and socially acceptable internal densification, is developed. Further targets are the standardisation of the comprehensive BONUS consulting offer, the implementation of this consulting in Feldkirch and Salzburg to transfer research directly into practice, and the development of a transferable operator model for the long-term establishment and generation of a municipal Austria-wide benefit. New strategies for attracting prospective counsellors will be developed and tested and thus experimental spaces in cities created. Through the integration of green space and sustainable mobility as modules, a holistic consulting service will be created which promotes socially acceptable and resource-saving post-condensation and intelligently controls it by taking into account higher-level planning strategies and building related requirements for climate change adjustment. In order to ensure practical suitability and innovation effectiveness, in BONUS appropriate monitoring indicators are used and partners from several specialist domains are involved.

Last edited on 03/31/2020

Projektdaten – Umsetzungsprojekt im 11 Call

Project start 01.04.2020
Project end 30.09.2022
Approved funding € 333.658
Approved overall cost € 556.105


Research Studios Austria FG, Studio iSPACE (consortium manager)
Energieinstitut Vorarlberg
DI Paul Schweizer Architekt
Stadtgemeinde Salzburg 05 - Raumplanung und Baubehörde
Rosinak & Partner ZT Gesellschaft m.b.H.
pulswerk GmbH


Project lead Dr. Thomas Prinz Research Studios Austria FG, Studio iSPACE +43 (0) 662 908585 - 213 E-Mail