European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)

Implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges between national, regional and local actors from different Member States. The overarching objective of is to promote a harmonious economic, social and territorial development of the Union as a whole.

The former initiative INTERREG for the promotion of cooperation between regions of the European Union has been transformed into a dedicated ETC target since the Structural Funds period 2007-2013 and will continue as ETC during the Structural Funds period 2014-2020. Since the 2000-2006 programming period, European territorial cooperation has been implemented at three territorial levels:

  • Cross-border: regional cooperation of border regions
    • Programme “Österreich – Ungarn”
    • Programme “Slowakei – Österreich”
    • Programme “Österreich – Tschechische Republik”
    • Programme “Österreich – Deutschland/Bayern”
    • Programme “Alpenrhein – Bodensee – Hochrhein”
    • Programme “Italien – Österreich”
    • Programme “Slowenien – Österreich”


  • Transnational: large-scale cooperation; Austrian participation in the programmes
    • Alpine Space


  • Interregional: EU-wide cooperation via INTERREG EUROPE


  • Thematic programmes:
    • URBACT
    • ESPON

National Contact Point (Austria): Österreichische Raumordnungskonferenz (ÖROK)

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