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Project management

Maga Sabine Domenig
Municipality of Villach

Tel: +43(0)4242 205-5213
Mobile: +43(0)664 52 97 937


Programm-Management Klima- und Energiefonds

Mag.a Daniela Kain

Tel: +43(0)1 585 03 90-27
Mobile: +43(0)664 886 24 428


VIsion Step I Villach

The city of Villach has been dealing with the topic of renewable energy for years already. Like all other cities and regions, however, Villach also needs to achieve the many measures relating to emission targets and thus to ensure the security of energy supply. In order to meet the challenges in a pro-active manner, the city of Villach has set itself the goal of becoming a Smart City. In the project VIsion 2050, this vision was substantiated as part of a stakeholder process and the road to becoming a Smart City was secured in the form of a roadmap and action plan.
The project to make Villach a smart city focuses not only on intelligent network technologies but also on innovative ways of involving energy users. Villach, which is home to many technology companies, has been active in the field of renewable energies for some time and aims to establish itself as a testbed for new technologies. Maintaining a good quality of life, reaching the emission targets, and ensuring supply security were the main motivations for developing a smart city vision for 2050. The first steps towards implementing this vision were taken in the project “VIsion Step I”, which was funded by the Climate and Energy Fund.

Realizing Villach's Smart City VIsion - Step I

The project “VIsion Step I” is to represent the first step of implementing Smart City Villach. The objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive and integrated Smart City concept in a district of Villach. “VIsion Step I” is aiming to increase the overall energy efficiency in the test area and advance the expansion of local production of renewable energy, combine highly developed technological access with a comprehensive integration of local stakeholders and should act as “generic cell” whose innovative conception can be transferred to other urban settlements at the national and European level.

In two test areas in Villach, a series of synergetically coordinated measures are to be implemented. The test area “DEMO site” is located in Villach’s city district of Auen and includes approximately 1,300 households.  Central component of the concept is the upgrading of a power supply grid to a “smart grid.” Planned measures include the installation of intelligent meter readers (smart meters) in participating households as well as the installation of storage systems and intelligent transformers in the low-voltage grid.

Through optimization of the interaction between consumers, energy generators, active network elements and storage systems in the low-voltage grid, self-supply with decentralized renewable energy will be increased and the network load lowered.

Smart City Energy Club with Push & Pull Concept

Besides these technological measures, energy users should be motivated and supported in their efforts to optimize their actions and their energy consumption. The “Smart Energy Club” provides to the users clearly presented individual energy information through web technologies and smart phone and facilitates the creation of a local “energy community” and provides incentives through an innovative “push & pull” concept for saving energy in the household. In one area of the DEMO site, the so-called LIVING lab Villach, citizens can begin a dialogue with planners and experts and can, on one hand, evaluate and improve their own energy-friendly behavior and, on the other hand, provide valuable information for the development of the Smart City Villach based on individual needs.
New financing and business models for decentralized energy investment options should offer users and private investors attractive opportunities to invest in renewable energy. An incubator shall assist in the practical implementation of new business models.

Experimental Testbed in the Technology Park

This will be complemented in the second test area (“Experimental Testbed”), located in the tpv Technology Park Villach, by the development and testing of innovative energy storage concepts. The results of this work in research and development are to be applied and implemented subsequently in the DEMO area.


Project data - Implementation Project of the 2nd Call 2011
Project start: 01.09.2012
Project end: 31.10.2015
Approved funding: € 1.932.300,--
Total project costs: € 4.146.619,--


Stadtgemeinde Villach (Konsortialführer)
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Österreich
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG
Fachhochschule Kärnten - gemeinnützige Privatstiftung
Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Ressourcen Management Agentur, Initiative zur Erforschung einer umweltverträglichen nachhaltigen Ressourcenbewirtschaftung (RMA)
EQOS Energie Österreich GmbH
KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH
PwC Advisory Services GmbH
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