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Project management

DI Mathias Schaffer
Energie Steiermark AG

Tel: +43(0)316 9000-53620


Programm-Management Klima- und Energiefonds

Mag.a Daniela Kain

Tel: +43(0)1 585 03 90-27
Mobile: +43(0)664 886 24 428


iENERGY 2.0 Weiz-Gleisdorf

Weiz-Gleisdorf is an urban region lying approximately 20 km east of Graz and including the towns of Weiz und Gleisdorf. The typical challenges of a growing region are to be found here: increasing energy consumption, urban sprawl, specific high costs of infrastructure and public transport, etc, and because of the proximity to Graz there's especially a problem with commuters and private motor vehicles.

In order to secure the sustainable development of the urban region, an energy vision “Weiz-Gleisdorf 2050” was initially developed. It was created on the basis of a scenario analysis with the involvement of all regional stakeholders. The planned development of the region in the direction of "zero emissions" means people at all levels need to rethink, in particular with regard to the underlying systems of economy, transport and energy; people themselvs will also have to change their modes of behavior and their lifestyles. The need for sustainable systems due to limited resources is plausible and thus generally accepted - the only question is this: "When and with what financial resources will this change happen?"

Project goal

The aim of this project is the conspicuous anticipation of this vision in the form of individual demonstration projects, i.e. the public visualization of visionary energy solutions in the context of smart cities or smart urban regions, renewable energy, energy efficiency and regional energy autonomy.

A region as demo case

In the demo area of the energy region Weiz-Gleisdorf, a number of demo projects will be implemented, that illustrate the vision at different levels of effect and in accordance with the program objectives of Smart Energy Demo - fit4set.

Level: Region

  • iEnergy Vision Monitor

  • iEnergy Origin Scan

  • iEnergy Aid Fund

    Level: Demonstration objects

  • User Segment Trades and Services (Innovationszentrum Weiz 4)

  • User Segment Industry (Elin-Motorenwerk)

  • User Segment Private (Sanierung PensionistInnen-Wohnheim Gleisdorf)

  • User Segment Public (Siedlung Smart-x)

    The use of innovative technologies and their integration into intelligent, interacting solutions alongside their user-oriented demonstration is critical to the energy consciousness of people on a collective and individual level.


Project data - Implementation project of the 2nd Call 2011
Project start: 01.06.2012
Project end: 31.01.2016
Approved funding: € 741.400,--
Total project costs: € 1.271.168,--


Energie Steiermark AG (Konsortialführer)
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
W.E.I.Z. Immobilien GmbH
Technische Universität Graz - Institut für Prozess- und Partikeltechnik
Baumeister Leitner, Planung & Bauaufsicht Gesellschaft mbH
Energieregion Weiz-Gleisdorf GmbH
Almenland & Energieregion Weiz-Gleisdorf Regionalentwicklung GmbH
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