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9th Call Smart Cities Demo 2017

As the first European funding authority the Climate and Energy Fund started a Europe-wide Smart-Cities-Initiative in 2010. This initiative aims at enabling the development of strategies, technologies and solutions to facilitate the shift towards an energy efficient, climate compatible and affordable way of life for cities and their residents. These measures should lead to an increased quality of life and simultaneously enhance the attractiveness of Austria as a business location. This ninth call focuses on the implementation: Austrian cities are intended to be used as testbeds to intelligently apply and combine technical and social innovations. Smart solutions should be developed by the cooperation of different actors enabling modern cities to adapt to the changing climate thus ensuring the attractiveness of urban living space not least for the future generations.

Start of Programme


End of Programme


Programme Budget

5.8 million euros

Calls for Instruments/Contents

The areas of activity buildings, energy, municipal supply and waste disposal, urban mobility, communication & information as well as green and open space are addressed. Each project plan (except R&D services) has to cover at least two of those fields within a reference area.


The following focus areas were defined

Focus 1:
Small Smart City: Implementation concepts for newcomers

A maximum of 10 initial projects will be promoted.

Focus 2:
Smart modernization in subsidized housing

Focus 3:
Smart use of industrial sites and commercial areas

Focus 4:
Smart use of brownfield and vacancy areas

Focus 5:
Innovative energy storage solutions for city districts/urban regions

Focus 6:
Urban oasis – smart green and open space design in urban areas

Focus 7:
Impact monitoring of already completed Smart City Demo-Projects

Focus 8:
Smart Cities and Sustainable Development Goals: Connecting factors and project potentials

A maximum of one R&D-service will be awarded within the course of this focus area.

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