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Transnational Cooperations

In addition to initiatives by the European Commission: the EU member states form alliances in order to promote the implementation of the Smart Cities Concept


The Smart Cities Member States Initiative

This initiative puts its focus on the EU member states. It elaborates how a Europe wide implementation of the Smart Cities Concept and new co-operative ways for funding can be found and sustained in complementarity and collaboration with Horizon 2020...

The D-A-CH Cooperation on Smart Cities

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Germany, Switzerland and Austria on Smart Cities related RDI provides a formal foundation for transnational cooperation.

D-A-CH Cooperation Smart Grids

In 2009 this transnational cooperation was set up as a platform for knowledge exchange in collaboration in the area of smart grids and e-mobility.

The Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe

The JPI Urban Europe endeavours to take a comprehensive and systems oriented view on the urban challenge, including, but also going beyond technological themes.

ERA-NET COFUND Smart Cities and Communities

Within ERA-NET COFUND Smart Cities and Communities a transnational call will be organised for smart cities implementation projects. Additional activities within the ERA-NET COFUND are: (A) to work towards a joint call with China and (B) to align nati...
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